Educational Change and ICT


Education Change and ICT  Is this BECTA document an example of future thinking incorporating the word personalisation but presenting a future where ICT has delivered an independent rather than personalised learning environment? 

“Priority 2 asserts that traditional educational approaches have not achieved enough, and that we need to develop an understanding of how ICT can support the transformation of education so that it makes use of pedagogies appropriate to the 21st century. Central to the e-strategy is the drive for personalisation of education, so that learners are supported at times and places that are appropriate to their needs and in ways that suit their personal dispositions, in order to maximise learning outcomes.” (page 51)

I suppose I feel that ICT will follow pedagogic, curriculum and assessment changes rather than leading the change. In fact without these broader changes ICT will enshrine current practices and the ‘modern’ technology will mask the lack of actual change. This is a common situation where leaders point to children using PDAs or the new technology and make this a proof that things are changing.


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