Time is the resource that’s in short supply

For a while now I have started to realise that the greatest obstacle to effective ICT implementation is time. Over the past years there has been the money to buy new equipment and great ideas but the time to implement it all has been lacking. There is the time needed to install or setup new technology. Time to trial and fine tune the ideal settings that simplify ICT for learning. Meanwhile the time to train staff. There is a constant conflict between whether to devote training time to basic skills or new ideas. All this in the context of external pressure to establish technologies like learning platforms; or the internal competition for training time. Staff meetings must be used for AfL, the Inclusion Development Programme, curriculum development, maths programmes, behaviour management etc. At the most I may have 3 staff meetings per year for ICT. Using this time wisely is hard. I recently heard Tim Rylands share some great ideas but I realised that each idea would require a staff meeting. The best solution would be staff who would explore these ideas and work out how they might introduce them into the classroom. This is why I have decided to buy a resource called Do Be (http://www.do-be.co.uk/) in our school. I am hoping that it will be a starting point for teachers to explore some great web resources and understand how they might be used in the curriculum. I’ll see how it goes.

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