Becta had its faults


I was recently throwing out some stuff in the garage. I found this box, still shrink wrapped, for Norton Anti Virus. This is something I had to buy but never used. I had to buy it as part of my Computer for Teachers bundle in 2000. The bundle was prescribed by Becta and although it was cheaper than buying a computer outright it wasn’t the best value because of the extra things the resellers had to sell with the computer.

• iMac DV

• Norton Anti Virus

• 1 year Apple Support

• iMation 100mb superdrive

All I actually wanted was the iMac but Becta had decided that teachers would need to be protected from viruses and we needed to buy a support contract. If I had been buying a PC then this may have been necessary but as a Mac user it wasn’t necessary and as you can see it was never used.

This characterises the way Becta made paternal decisions on behalf of schools and teachers. It is also an example of system prescription that acknowldeged the existence of Mac computers but didn’t really understand them.


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