Mike Eisenberg’s Constructionism: New Technologies, New Purposes @garystager

This great presentation (http://constructingmodernknowledge.com/cmk08/?p=1656) from Mike Eisenberg at the Constructionism Conference 2012 outlines the key elements in combining constructionism and technology.

  • A focus on children’s culture and interests beyond the classroom.
  • Continued interest in blending physical and computational media, making use of powerful fabrication tools, navel materials etc.
  • A focus on designing content-rich activities as opposed to skill-building.

This breakdown attacks a number of arbitrary segregations within education. For example, teachers often talk about ICT lessons or about teaching programming. Eisenberg promotes ‘blending’ the learning with one elemnt as impactful on other areas of learning. This leads to open ended content rich activities rather than skills practise for some future unknown purpose.

This approach is at the heart of intrinsic motivation. Beginning with purposes and activities that are interesting and vital to children, interacting with the media and tools of our environment to be productive.

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