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Susan Kare and Mac PixelArt

Susan Kare and Mac PixelArt The iconic icons from the early days of Macintosh. You can also download Cairo at this link.


The Building is a Textbook

The National Technical Library in Prague is a textbook in concrete. The concept behind the library is that the whole building informs the user and develops their learning of technical ideas.

These pictures above show the height and circumference of the building clearly annotated on the outside of the building. It certainly gives a sense of meaning to abstract measures.

The Billion Pound-O-Gram

This image from Information is Beautiful has some amazing comparisons. For example, the amount spent on Trident versus the amount spent on Police; the amount spent on the whole NHS versus the amount spent on the NHS IT Project. This is a great way of visualising data but it is clever how the boxes are positioned to highlight different ways money might have been spent.

Concrete Visualisation, see big numbers for real


Adam Nieman’s blog discusses making complex data sensible. This image representing is a good example of what he calls Concrete Visualisation. He defines this as saying,There. That’s it. That’s what I mean.”

This is a common difficulty in primary schools where we work with concrete representation for a while but finally we have to deal with abstraction.