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#AskGove – “Were you better at literacy than numeracy?”

The Education Select Committee in January 2012 raised the question with Michael Gove about the question of averages:

Q98 Chair: One is: if “good” requires pupil performance to exceed the national average, and if all schools must be good, how is this mathematically possible?

Michael Gove: By getting better all the time.

Q99 Chair: So it is possible, is it?

Michael Gove: It is possible to get better all the time.

Q100 Chair: Were you better at literacy than numeracy, Secretary of State?

Michael Gove: I cannot remember.

It’s not a great answer, but at least they asked the question. (see my previous post about this)

#AskGove was a Twitter conversation gathering questions prior to the Select Committee.

A letter in the TES



BBC: testing times for school assessment

I was interested to read this article from the BBC in 2007 (thanks to Pete Bradshaw – The argument is for a return to teacher assessment. How can there be so many people saying the same thing and their requests go unanswered? The next government answer could be Making Good Progress which at least aims to respond to children failing in the system through one to one tuition. The drawback is that rather than seeking a sampled assessment for judging school performance it may actually increase assessment by testing more children more often and more level thresholds. Again we are left with a system that doubts teacher professionalism.