Analysis of Delight

Richard Millwood has developed his thinking from the New Learning Landscape into an analysis of delight. He defines various loves that can be enlivened through learning. It seems the next challenge is agreeing that learning is the purpose rather than future economic prosperity and then second considering how we communicate to ALL learners that this love is for sale.


  1. Richard Millwood

    Thanks for noting my blog – I feel that the purpose is learning AND future GLOBAL economic prosperity, and that it is impossible to disconnect these. Those who would have us train children for employment (functional skills, basics) lack the wisdom to see how love of learning will be vital for continuing work effectiveness as well as for individual fulfilment. So I feel learning for learning’s sake cannot go wrong, so long as individuals have the right to continue learning and that a significant majority have the choice and accept responsibility for societal improvement whether that be through economic wealth, citizenship, cultural enrichment, world peace or all of the above!

    As for ‘this love is for sale’ my view is that it is already freely available but needs to be sanctioned, facilitated, recognised and celebrated through the acts of teachers, parents, employers and politicians – perhaps this is what you mean by communicated?

  2. Gareth

    Dylan William talks about Pedagogies of Engagement which connects to the idea of finding the delight in learning. He quotesHungarian American psychologist, Csikszentmihalyi:
    “… motivation is an outcome. When you give kids challenging stuff to do which is just at the level of challenge they can cope with, they will be motivated and they will actually get this sense of flow. Whereas if challenge is low, they can become
    Link to William’s presentation at ALT 2007 –

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